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Hello! I'm... frighteningly new to this fandom, actually; my father was all giddy that he'd finally gotten the series on DVD (he even went to the trouble of buying a Region 2 player, since we're in the US!), and I was studying for the European History AP, so I decided to watch, too. It was, unfortunately, rather unhelpful because the exam was disappointingly lacking in the French Revolution era, but I digress.

I haven't gotten a chance to read the books yet, because my library is bizarre and for some reason only has The Twisted Sword, but once I get to college, hopefully I'll have much readier access to them.

Anyway! I've made a few (only a few, but I will make more) LJ icons of the series, using some of the images at http://www.poldark.org.uk/. Hopefully, they will interest you. Working in monochrome is a liiiittle difficult for me, but it's good practice.

& teasers ;

1 2 3 4

I'm sorry, I thought there were more! Well, more will follow, then.

Credit is nice, comments are nicer. ♥
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