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I have been a fan of Poldark since the 2 mini series on the good old BBC (what seems like a hundred years ago).
I have also read 6 of the books and I am aiming to get hold of the rest and read them too! Actually it's been quite a while since I read the first 6, so I think I'll read them again first. Shouldn't take long!
Poldark led me to admire the young actor who played Drake Carne and I have watched his career with interest ever since and yesterday (coincidentally) I created a new community for Kevin McNally fans.
If you like him too, why not take a look? kevin_mcnally
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Because I'm bored, and I want to

Well! Now that this community has more than just one member (that would be me), let's try to get this going! Just a few random questions to perhaps start some discussion or maybe a good argument (or duel???).

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Who is your favorite Poldark character? (if you have to pick just one, you get to choose a second in the next question)

Who is your second-favorite Poldark character? (I told you it was coming!)

Have you read the entire series?

what series?
no, but I've watched the series

What did you like better, the books or the miniseries?

I already told you I've only seen the series!
the books
the miniseries
I liked them both


I have been a fan of Poldark for a decade or so. Ever since I saw the Masterpiece Theater series with Robin Ellis and Angharad Rees. My parents are huge fans and we even named pets after characters: Verity & Demelza (cats) and Ross (dog). My mother also refers to the house as "Nampara." I would speak more but I'm about to eat dinner so I'll briefly mention that in the sixth Harry Potter book there are two characters named Verity and Demelza. Coincidence? I think not!
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quickie post with some questions and thoughts

* who's your fave couple or OTP, other than ross/demelza?
i'd have to say it's a tie between dwight&caroline *before* they got married, and morwenna&drake (i wonder, do they ever get together? i've only read up to 'four swans', and i don't mind spoilers!)

* what's the deal with ross and caroline? they had some great scenes together in 'the black moon' and i just felt there was something *there*...

* does sam carne ever find happiness? where i'm at in the books he's all messed up about emma tregirls.

[er, that's it for now, gotta get back to working on my thesis results. eww.]

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A copy of Winston Graham's short story "Meeting Demelza" can be obtained at this site. I'm in the US and emailed the address the site gave. I got a quick response with instructions as to how much money in US dollars to send ($15) and where to send it.

Good luck!

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I received the Poldark DVDs for an early birthday present, and have watched all but the last three hours of them. They are amazing, overall. I think most people saw the BBC version first, and then were inspired to read the books, but I read the books first, and then saw the film/series/whatever. Here are a few things that are worth noting.

·The actress who plays Caroline (Judy Geeson) should switch roles with the actress who plays Demelza (Angharad Rees), not because of their acting abilities, but because of the way they look. It bothered me initially that Demelza had this orange hair, when really it should be dark as Winston Graham intended. She grew on me, however, though I’ve heard a lot of people were annoyed at how Angharad Rees played Demelza. I can see their point, because she seems louder than Demelza should be, and a little more brash. Overall, though, she played it very well. I did think she could be obnoxious at times, though.
·Robin Ellis, when I first saw a picture of him, I thought would be an ugly Ross. How wrong I was! When I read the books, Ross always seemed to be this handsome and intimidating presence, and Ellis played it perfectly. He really was a great Ross. His looks really grew on me.
·Francis, played by Clive Francis, was really a little too spineless in the beginning, and throughout but not as much later. The character of Francis I never considered spineless. He seemed to care a little more than Ross of what people thought, but really a lot less than everyone else in the books. I think they changed his character a lot for the series.
·Why on earth did they feel it necessary to have Demelza be pregnant before she was married to Ross? I suppose it offered more drama, but really, I was annoyed. I really wish they had filmed the entire scene where Demelza has her first Christmas at Trenwith, as well. Really the first part (based on the first book) was the only part they really changed a lot. Also, I was disappointed that Aunt Agatha was not living at Trenwith in the first part of the series – it was strange how they just threw her in Part 2 living in her own separate house. She didn’t really need to be in the first part, but for comic relief, Agatha was great!
·Hugh Bodrugan cracked me up.
·So what, Jud and Prudie get rehired? What happened to Jinny Carter? Why did Verity disappear?
So far, that’s all I’ve got – I’m sure I’ll come up with more things I wanted to say!
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New community!

Hello! I've created this Poldark community to discuss and relive all the wonderfulness that is Winston Graham's Poldark series. Right now I seem to be short of members, though. How to fix that...?

Anyways, I'll start with my introduction. My name is Laina, and I have read all twelve Poldark novels but have yet to see the BBC series, though I've ordered it and it is coming in the mail! I did see the awful movie based on "Stranger from the Sea" made in 1996. Ugh. I immediately fell in love with everything about Poldark, and seriously want to go to Cornwall sometime in the near future. My favorite of the Poldark books is "Ross Poldark", with "Bella Poldark" coming in second. Favorite characters are Ross, Demelza, Francis, Valentine, Jeremy, and Lady Harriet.

So yeah! Need more people!